Reblogging myself because I forgot I made a separate blog. And featuring for Dat Phan seems like something I should be writing about here. 

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Tonight the bartender told someone I was funnier than Chris Rock was at 19.

But he is a bartender.

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Ultimate Teaser Trailer for Comedy Bang! Bang!

Find out what it all means, June 8 10pEST on IFC.

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So I got a youtube message.

From some chick at mtvU. Saying that they were looking for young comedians for the channel and thought I was really funny and they’d love to consider me if I’m interested. And so I’ve been emailing a producer for the past few days and sending them footage and most likely nothing will happen and I won’t get on but it is still sort of cool. 

That is all.

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Does being asked “Are you the comedian girl?” in a Tilly’s count as being recognized?

Because if so, I do believe I’ve hit what is known as The Big Time

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I am what you’d call “abstinent by circumstance.” And by circumstance, I mean my face. 

Clip from a show I did for a group of strange churchgoing singles over 30. Went surprisingly well. Apparently you CAN talk about sex in a church, IF you are talking about how you are incapable of getting any. 

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Interesting show last night.

Went surprisingly well. Got an offer to do a pot-themed show at the LA Improv Comedy Lab next week. Not sure I’m the best fit for it, but Todd Glass might headline so if I can swing it with work…I might do it. My first thought upon getting the Facebook message was, “I am not a pot smoker…like at all…Two hour drive, probably more on a Friday night in LA…going to ask for ANOTHER day off from work?” But then, I am trying to be more reckless and passionate when it comes to comedy. I have to be. Sometimes, a lot of times, I’m gonna have to drive. Sometimes it won’t be worth it. Sometimes the show is going to suck. But I have to want this enough to make those sacrifices. And I do.

Regardless of what happens, it’s always nice to hear that someone thinks you’re “funnier and more polished than a lot of the hacks in LA.”

Apparently I succeeded in tricking at least one person. 

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I hate not knowing what to expect from a show.

And I guess I should get used to it, but as of right now I am not. And this hipster show is not giving me much to go on. The only thing I really know is that I am supposed to get there in the next hour, and that I will not know anyone. 

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